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a drawing of a man playing a trumpet
Morning Sounds | Hand Drawn Illustration of a Boy Bugling
the sundream simple times logo is shown in blue on a beige background with an orange and white border
SUNDREAM • A closer look at the range of marks, typography, and illustration assets created for the brand refresh of @sundream. We explored… | Instagram
two stickers that say salem usa stock and salem stock
Brandmoose: I will design custom professional logo for $15 on
I will design custom professional logoMoose is an independent graphic design studio based in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in crafting original custom logo designs to help brands stand out and get noticed. We understand that logo is not just a random symbol and that it provides your brand an identity that represents your core values, therefore we take our job seriously. Whether you are looking for a Minimalist, Wordmark, Lettermark, Brandmark, or Freestyle logo. We would love to desi
the back of a tan shirt with an image of a cartoon character and street signs
Oliver Crewneck - XS
The Graphic: Crafted for comfort and style, our Oliver Crewneck is a wearable homage to the beauty of the Hudson Valley and its iconic resident owl, Oliver. Featuring an intricately designed graphic, this distinctive garment stars Oliver against the backdrop of the region's rolling hills and tranquil waters, capturing the essence of the Hudson Valley's unique charm. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, the Oliver Crewneck is more than just clothing; it's an immersive experience, allowi
a sign on the side of a building that says pinkerton detective agency reno, nevada
Private Detective Agency in Delhi | Detective agency in Delhi | Detective agencies in Delhi
an old advertisement for the red otashh, which is being used as a business card
Fred Otash Detective Bureau Ad, November 1960 Fred Otash was a very famous private detective of the 1960's that most of the known Hollywood celebrities used. Upon the death of Marilyn Monroe, Peter Lawford called this man. This is an ad that appeared in November 1960 entertainment magazine section of the newspaper. Note that his name in his trade name is spelled Fred Ostash and not Fred Otash at the bottom of this ad. This is likely a typo and Otash, we are sure, complained about it.