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a woman with long hair wearing a creepy mask
4 True Encounters With Terrifying & Unknown Cryptids
A Paranormal, Sci-fi, Weird, Strange, Fortean Blog. We discuss everything from bionics to bigfoot.
a creepy mask with long hair on it's face and mouth is seen in this black - and - white photo
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Image about blackandwhite in My lonely corner. by ☽ Fallen soul ☾
a painting of a woman in a red dress next to an animal
Morbid Fantasy
an old book cover with a drawing of a bird on it's back side
Welcome to the Unicorn Den: Photo
Said to be a canibalistic disease of the heart/mind in which the affected person consumes the lives of other humans and things with no regard for the natural balance of things… equated to greed and a deep fear of lack.
a man in the woods with his hands on his chest and face painted like an evil demon
by Keith Lord
an artistic painting of a demon with horns and large, long - horned eyes
Wendigo by mattforsyth on DeviantArt
an image of a demon with horns on it's head and two people in the background
a man dressed up as a deer with antlers on his head in the grass
Tawerna spod Kaer Morhen
a drawing of a deer skeleton with antlers on it's head
Wendigo by RabbitHazard on DeviantArt
Just a sketch turned into a simple drawing. Nothing much else to say about it. It's just my obsession with drawing skeletal things. Referenced from: Wendigo Sketches (thanks to the person...
an image of a creature with horns on it's head
ArtStation - Explore
Wendigo concept that I created for my Creature modeling class at Gnomon! Very…
a demonic creature standing in the middle of a dark forest with long hair on its head
Fantasy Art Watch
Deep Forest by Artem Demura
a woman laying on the ground next to a skeleton
Paranormal Creatures: The Wendigo
Paranormal Creatures: The Wendigo