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Laundry room cabinet

PB Kitchen Design Mud Room Glen Ellyn Laundry Room Broom Closet Custom Cabinetry | PB Kitchen Design

Laundry room cabinet

Craft countertop / table / island with storage cubes underneath and folding sides. Cover one side with padding and add ironing cover/pad over top. (Staple like uphostery.)

Craftaholics Anonymous® | Craft Room Tour: Jennifer Boxill

Check out this Craft Room Tour of Jennifer's colorful and multipurpose crafting space!

Sewing Tables from kitchen cabinets

Sewing Tables!

You know how they say imitation is the highest form of flattery? I am so flattered!! Someone saw a picture of my sewing table on pinterest, contacted me for my plans and then went and made their own! I am so glad they sent me their picture. I have sent out my plan numerous times to people who were thinking about building a table like mine, but I have no idea if any of them have actually gone ahead and done it - until yesterday when I got these pictures! This is the front... And this is the…

Professional sewing and drafting table - lots of pic's on link of how it's built + of what.

DIY Professional Sewing Room Table

IKEA Sewing Room Ideas | ... storage for fabrics, patterns, and sewing paraphernalia underneath it

Ikea Hack: Expedit cutting table

Let's continue to feed my Expedit addiction. Up until now, my cutting table is a basic Sullivan folding hobby table. It's perfectly functional, with a large surface (3ft by 5ft), which is very convenient for spreading your fabric and pattern pieces for cutting. Way better than the floor, let me tell you. The drawback of this little table is that there is no storage under the table top. (Space is not an issue for me, so I usually keep the table fully open all the time). I'd rather much have a…

How to Make an Ironing Board Cover More

Pimp My Sewing Room! How to Make an Ironing Board Cover

Do you like the cover that came with your ironing board? Is it still clean, or has it got interfacing gunk stuck all over it like ours di...

Creating my dream cutting table for sewing; laminated cotton fabric More

Creating my dream cutting table for sewing

Hello! I’m back from a relaxing vacation in the Southwest, where it was so relaxing, in fact, that we spent more time enjoying ourselves than bothering to take photos! But I may be able to co…


How to Find Your Wedding Style | Wedding Ideas |

“What is your wedding style?” is one of the most common questions asked of any bride when planning her day. But it can also be one of the hardest to answer. So what is a wedding style and how do you go about finding your own style; one that is the most beautiful and authentic representation of you and your loved one? We asked creative director and stylist, Rebekah Carey McNall, of A & B Creative to share with us …

Cuuute idea! Upcycled Ironing Board Cover Made from a Vintage Tablecloth - T. in the Burg

Upcycled Ironing Board Cover Made from a Vintage Tablecloth

It's hot here in the Burg, too hot to work outside in the garden, so today I decided to stay indoors and spend the afternoon sewing. I had seen a pattern online for a really cute ironing board cover with a patchwork panel insert. I wanted to make one of these covers for my own trusty ironing board. Who does not want a stylin' ironing board, right? But as thrifty-frugal-cheap as I am, I was not willing to purchase a pattern. I knew that I could make a cover without one. The coolest thing is…

Ironing board cover diy

Fabulous Ironing Board Cover

Fabulous Ironing Board Cover: Make the menial task of ironing something spectacular!!Cover that cold metal ironing board with something cheerful and lively!!MATERIALS:1 3/4 Yards Cotton or Linen 45" or 60"1 3/4 Yards Non Fusible Fleece 4 Yards Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape4…

SEW KATIE DID:Ironing Board:Station Tutorial

:: Quilter's Pressing Station Tutorial :: - SewKatieDid

Happy New Year Peeps! Instead of the usual New Year’s post showing quilts you’ve already seen, I’d thought I’d go fresh into the New Year and share some of my studio. Long before the studio’s basics were built I started researching options for the most efficient and functional layout (there’s a Pinboard for that;). I’ve had...Read More »

Quilting With Mom : How to Make a Quilter's Ironing Board Table

How to Make a Quilter's Ironing Board Table

I've been busy spring cleaning. One of my projects was to replace the fabric on my ironing board table. I made this ironing board table when...

Really neat storage and crafting space for sewing or other crafts. I love the glass fronted cabinets and can see this in a corner of a large kitchen/family room. #KnittingGuru

Craft Room Dreams

I have always dreamed of having a beautiful craft room to create the jewelry, sewing projects, stained glass and some stamped items. I always thought having a window with good light would be a good thing. A large table to layout some items and for cutting out the sewing/quilting projects. I definitely need a place to hold all my ribbon and thread. I would love to have a cotton/gauzy white curtain hanging from the window. I would put some of my favorite pictures and watercolors in there. I…