Lenka Krištofová

Lenka Krištofová

Dream it and do it!
Lenka Krištofová
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Lfw- Jungle Fever by A Fashion Love Affair: love this whole look. I pair a denim jacket w/ almost everything. Thank you Ralph Lauren, for showing me that I can do that, and get away w/ it, fashionably.

A Ticking Clock

Urban Outfitters started this map watch trend now be a part of the movement! The watch has a color strap with a map on the face of the watch with a gold colored lining around the face.

Abstract tattoos are incredible  #tattoo #watercolor #minimalistic #abstract #ink

Abstract tattoos are incredible I would like for a tattoo like this to be one of my weight loss rewards.


Line tattoo is so simple that no need any word to image, right? Arm Line Tattoos for Men Arm Colorful Line Tattoos for Girls 16 Simple Line Tattoo Ideas