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a card with a christmas tree made out of strips of wood and glitter on it
Washi Tape Christmas Cards - The Full Nester
a christmas card with two red buttons on it next to some ornaments and a tree
a brown card with green and red confetti on it, sitting on top of a wooden table
Gosto Disto!: 25 Cartões de Natal feitos à mão para copiar
a christmas tree card sitting on top of a wooden plate next to other holiday decorations
a whimsical Christmas tree made up of painterly brush strokes
four thank you cards with snowmen and birds on them, all decorated in brown paper
Just Beachy
Potato Stamped Snowman Cards
a card with ornaments hanging from strings
Heel veel kerstkaarten inspiratie #1: waterverf - marijeskeukentafel
How to make Wood Slice Ornaments