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oh<<<<how can you not repin this<<don't hate me if I get Thai wrong but is Ashton playing the guitar again??

If lashton playing guitar naked isn't your favorite then i don't know what

Luke ashton 5sos

Luke ashton 5sos


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5SOS slay the jawline

ok so comment below and I'm going to give you an account rate/tbh. so basically I'll comment on your most recent pin saying what I think of you and your account and some things that can help your account


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Looks like my so done mother! I've sent her too many pins. I think she's blocked me now. Oh well, whatevah. #GLA

i literally was showing my mom pictures of michael yesterday like this is scarily accurate<<<<this is so true I was showing my mom pictures of all 4 boys and this was her reaction and I was like mother appreciate them!they are beautiful!


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Dats mah boys

My parents saw this as I watched it and my dad just says casually, "Sorry sweetie but only a fabulous (gay) person would react like that." And I looked at him, and kicked him out of my room forever.