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an electric hair dryer is sitting in a drawer with other items on the drawers
Enhance Your Home's Aesthetics with These Elegant Decor Selections
a washer and dryer are in the closet
Ambientes externos ganham muito mais funcionalidade com o pergolado de madeira.
two pictures of a living room with couches and fire place in the fireplace area
She Shed
a modern house on the side of a hill
Gallery of House T / Haro Architects - 16
a large house sitting on top of a dirt hill next to a wooded area with stairs leading up to it
House Plans - Stoneridge - Linwood Custom Homes
this is an artist's rendering of a two story house with porches and balconies
Timber Frame Designs & Floor Plans | Timberbuilt
an open closet with shoes and purses in it, next to the stair case
a large open floor plan with wooden stairs and chandelier in the entryway
A log house I could definitely live in. Fabulous light and a warm glow to the interior. But only sustainable wood please!