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What duck are you? Comments 👇
a blue frog sitting on top of a tree branch with the caption when you call the number 13 344 844, it calls auburn university and they will try to answer any question you could ever
This seems too good to pass up..
Phone Question Line -- I'm probably contributing to their eventual deluge, but it appears to be legit and that's just cool. Also, I like the blue frog.
a computer desk sitting under a window covered in pink flowers
𝒫𝒾𝓍𝑒𝓁 𝒫𝒶𝓇𝒶𝒹𝒾𝓈𝑒 136
the best friends forever poster is shown with two rolls of toilet paper and a poop
Beautiful Friendship Day Wallpapers For Your Friends
Aesthetics texst Typography, Letters, Lettering, Abc, Typografie Design, Stickers, Sticker, Notes
Text books worlds
Aesthetics texst
a close up of a wooden block with numbers on it and pine cones next to it
Jolly Christmas Advent calendars for the countdown - La casa de Freja
the text on this cell phone says, if you call at 3 am i would?
a young woman holding a yellow flower in her right hand and looking at the camera
indie emma watson ✨