Pour transformer un pot tout simple en un joli pot Shabby chic, collages vieille gravure et dentelle sont de mise.

Szkatułki i pudełka

Make your own organizer with covered cans... Paint them, decoupage them or simply cover in fabric

Recycled cans stand and some other DIY storage solutions in my favorite polka dots and roses. Great for items in my craft room!

Chloe's Ice Cream Birthday Party | That Cute Little Cake

Finally all the pictures from the Ice Cream Birthday Party ! I created this cute little ice cream parlour for the children to come an.

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Desk organizer made from tin cans - decoupaged, sealed, and glued together to form one unit. The floor of each can is lined with foam.

Lapicero realizado forrando una lata con tela de hilo y pasamanería.

Lapicero realizado forrando una lata con tela de hilo y pasamanería.

Super Easy Pretty Tin Can Spring And Summer Planters !

Repurposed Tin Cans To Spring Planters

Graduation Mason Jar gift - A graduation gift in a jar made like an owl! Look whoooos graduating! Perfect for graduates of all ages!

Graduation Mason Jar Gift

"Make this graduation mason jar gift for anyone that is graduating! This fun owl mason jar is easy to make and a great gift idea. Fill the jar with the gift of your choice. You will have an adorable graduation mason jar gift in no time at all.