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The tammer, also known as winged rabbit - a popular pet among the elves. IllustStudio, tablet ( speedpaint - about 40 min ) Lil cub spread your wings


Week of These pictures of the different animals are all very unique and different. I love how the lines twirl and wisp on the paper. Those lines help the animal come to life on the page. Drawings by Katy Lipscomb

"I can't wings are made of glass." she turned around to look at him. She smiled sadly and leaned back. He ran up to her as she stumbled a little as her body tried to fight back. She fell and spread her wings wide, screaming as her eyes watered and tears fell upwards. Crack. A bit of glass shattered. Another bit. Another and another until her wings were wires with holes in them. She closed her eyes and let out a breath when suddenly the breath was knocked out of her. She was alive.

This image concept was taken from the card Magic the Gathering Gift of Orzhova. Art by algenpfleger on deviantart I can not fly for I have glass wings. They are beautiful and breath taking.

Cheval driade

Horse - Tea Spirit / July / French Earl Grey by *MobilePants on deviantART - not sure if I agree with this representation but it's a cool concept and it reminds me of Jean-Luc Picard