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a long table with plates and candles on it
a person holding up a piece of art made out of green and pink squares in front of some bushes
Cross Reeded Glass
two drawings of different shapes and sizes in pink, green, and blue paper with lines on them
Colorful Outdoor Architectural Pavilion - Design Milk
an instagram photo of a bathroom with wood paneling
The long hall: Carlton Cloister
the floor is decorated with many different colored stars and shapes, including blue swirls
My date with Zandra Rhodes plus a FREE GIVEAWAY to the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show 2019!
an old building with stars on the window sill
2nd arrondisement – the paris apartment
white dishes with gold trim sitting on top of a table next to blue vases
an empty walkway lined with columns and arches
Marco Costanzi, Hélène Binet, Andrea Jemolo, Gionata Xerra · Fendi HQ
an empty white room with curved walls and concrete flooring is seen in this image
an unusual building with many windows on the side and trees in the window sill
Kieanna Davis
three ceramic vases with flowers in them on a pink surface, one is blue and the other is red
Michaels Valentine's Day — Hom Sweet Hom
an artisticly designed floor in front of a planter
Concrete Collaborative Unveils Playfully Patterned Tiles From Alex Proba
a room with a desk, chair and computer on the wall next to a blue bookcase
The bold live/work space of 2LG Studio
a bedroom with two beds and a blue door
La Tranche-sur-Mer - Bateaumagne
an image of a window with curtains on it
Archillect Links on Twitter
Pinterest as part of a modern retail high street experience Studio, Storefront Design, Retail Design, Shop Front Design, Shop Facade
How Pinterest is Different to Instagram and Why to Use it to for Brand Marketing
an apartment building with several balconies covered in orange and white draps
a bath room with a toilet and a sink next to towels hanging on the wall
Jeff Shelton Architect — Shell House
someone is standing on the edge of a tall building
Photography Inspo #3
a dog laying on top of a couch next to a window with lots of windows
𝒢. on Twitter
a mirror reflecting a table and chairs in a room with wood flooring on the walls
the stairs are painted pink and have wooden handrails that lead up to the second floor
How to paint your stairs: guarding the wet paint