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Lenka Zummerova

Lenka Zummerova
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Completed in 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. Images by Adrià Goula. The project presents the renovation of an apartment located in a building on the ‘Eixample’ neighbourhood, Barcelona. Originally, the apartment.

#d e s i g n

Design by Les M studio, this elegant makeup mirror comes with hidden hanger and sliding storage box, ideal for small apartment a couple of years they have built a home sweet

Check out the map. Great idea to bring a missional focus to everything. Good take up a side area in the main room. Could put the placement of all the A29 churches on it.

Not a kitchen==but would make a nice design for one, I think. AP: interior design of 12 coffeeshops around the world. This one (with the world map) is my favorite :) None of them really look cozy enough, but there's some cool design/ideas