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an image of a cat made out of crochet
The Crocheting Andreas
the crochet pattern is shown with instructions to make it
Seashells, Seahorses and Fish Crochet Diagram Motifs for Sealife ⋆ Crochet Kingdom
an image of a knitted fish on the cover of a book with instructions to make it
a drawing of a house made out of letters and numbers
the letters and numbers are drawn on a piece of paper
Peces y pececillos
a piece of paper that has some type of stitching on it with numbers and letters
three crocheted fish are shown on the left and right sides, one is made out of yarn
Рыбки крючком - Pikoclub
Рыбки крючком - Pikoclub
a birthday card with the number seventy on it's front and flowers in the back
Happy 70th Birthday Card
Happy 70th Birthday Card using Stampin' Up! Number of Years stamp set and Large Number framelits.
a pink card with flowers on it and the number seventy
Karte zum 70. Geburtstag
Karte zum 70. Geburtstag – BK Bastelkarin
a cross stitch pattern that looks like an apple
the flag of australia is shown in this cross stitch pattern
The national flag of Australia
Oz flag pattern