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a doll house with furniture and accessories on the floor, including a table and umbrella
Fisher Price Play Family A Frame House
Fisher Price A frame #990 play house. Tracy's Toys (and Some Other Stuff)
mcdonald's restaurant playset in front of the box
10 Rarest Vintage Fisher Price Toys: Complete Value Guide
an old fashioned toy with many different faces
there are many toy animals in front of a play set that is on the table
Noahs Ark Toy Set
a hand holding a small toy house next to two boxes
there are many different pictures of toys in the same room, including a doll house
#938 Sesame Street Townhouse and #937 Sesame Street Clubhouse
three jars of peanut butter with children's faces on them
an advertisement for fisher price phone phones with instructions on how to use the telephone and what they do
80s vintage Phone Friends Fisher-Price working toy intercom phones in box
Vintage 80s | ... vintage Fisher Price battery intercom phones, in the original 80s box
there are two toy people sitting in the kitchen
Sesame Street House Fisher Price Little People House - Etsy
there are many toys on the floor next to each other
Still have these! Now my grandkids play with them 😊
there are many toy figures that look like they have been made out of egg shells
Little Tikes people
a blue and yellow fisher price toaster oven on carpet
Fisher Price 1980’s Toaster Oven, one of my favorites!
three toy cars with people in them on a white surface
Vintage Toy Set | Etsy
a group of small toy figurines sitting next to a play - do - it - yourself machine
Fisher Price Pull-A-Long Lacing Shoe.