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"When you respect music, it doesn't matter how we're getting it," White says. "We still know what the real deal is. But you start wondering about people who don't." This is where vinyl comes in. "It's the movie theater compared to the iPhone... You're reverential to it. With vinyl, you're on your knees. You're at the mercy of the needle. You watch the record spin and it's like you're sitting around a campfire. It's hypnotic."

Billboard - Billboard Cover: Jack White on Not Being a 'Sound-Bite Artist,' Living in the Wrong Era and Why Vinyl Records Are 'Hypnotic'

Jack White - Methane Studios - 2014 ----

Jack White w/ Benjamin Booker - silkscreen concert poster (click image for more detail) Artist: Methane Studios Venue: Air Canada Centre Location: Toronto, ON Concert Date: Edition: sig