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there is a mountain range in the background with water and grass on the foreground
Feel the light - High Tatras
Tatry. I have not made it to the mountains yet, but I am looking forward to visiting.
a black and white house with decorative designs on the side, along with stone steps leading up to it
"Čičmany, Zilinsky, Slovakia" ¶ I think the unexpected it really important in a garden. It brings an outdoor space closer to the experience of art.
a map with the capital and major cities in green, showing rivers running through them
Slovakia: "A beautiful country with some of the most amazing people I've ever met... can't wait to go back!"
an aerial view of a city with many buildings and trees in the middle of it
Gothic cathedral - St. Elizabeth Cathedral in Košice, Slovakia (only photo)
the city is lit up at night by the water
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Bratislava, Slovakia
the mountains are covered with green grass and clouds in the distance, as well as dark clouds
Mala Fatra
Picturesque Malá Fatra mountains is without a doubt one of the most beautiful unspoiled regions in central Europe. Explore the hiking trails that will lead you across the spectacular peaks... #hiking #malafatra #Slovakia Photo by Jakub Polomski via 500px.com
the world's most famous cities infographical poster - click to enlarge
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