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Underground animal shelter >> Walden Effect

Building with Earthbags Root Cellar

this entrance could make an open one room house have the feel of having multiple rooms while still staying free of walls

root cellar design and decorating ideas

Everything old is new again. This old version of a storage panty is again an excellent idea. I once lived in a house built in 1912 and it had dirt room off the basement, my mom told it me it was the root cellar. It's were we stored potatoes and other food that didn't fit in the refrig. and mom's canned tomatoes and fruit preserves.

Absolutely Gorgeous Root Cellar!! Never thought I would wish for a higher hill than I already have just so I can have a root cellar like this one... :)

Build a root cellar. It's an easy and inexpensive way to store crops, winter squash, and some other homegrown produce.

Depending on where you live in the world, you can expect a nearly constant temperature of between 50 and 60ᵒ F (10-16ᵒ C) at between 4 and 15 feet below ground level. Below 20 feet, the temperature is equal to the mean annual air temperature at that latitude. Did you get all that, in other … Continue reading »

THIS ROOM! So much more could be done as well, however I like the simple look with the colour splash.