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The Stylish Gypsy

The Stylish Gypsy

Wooden Tub- I love that it feels like you are in nature, but still has privacy. That tub is beautiful and would also be great for soaking.

i have no idea what kind of house this would be in.or why a tub would be in a green house but i would not mind taking a bath in a garden!

I know Misha will love this

French Kitchen with a Fabulous Island/Bar and Prep Spaces! Je L’adore! {ok so this is french, but i've seen similar in a german kitchen so i had to post it to this board} OMG I LOVE THE ISLAND an old work bench !

My kind of pantry..love it

Now this is beautiful. Kitchen Witches have the most neatest and gorgeous kitchens, especially the pantries. I’m getting an idea to fix up my kitchen next year Plz don& remove caption, thank you.