what’s done is done and cannot be undone

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the actors are dressed in medieval costumes
Investigate past productions of Macbeth | Shakespeare Learning Zone | Royal Shakespeare Company
a man sitting on top of a woman's head in front of a black background
Photos: First Look at David Tennant and Cush Jumbo in MACBETH
a group of people standing on top of a stage covered in red makeup and blood
a group of men and women in kilts dancing on stage with one man holding two swords
The Real ‘Magic’ In This ‘Macbeth’ Is its Suggestion That Shakespeare Pre-Empted Albee
a woman in a white shirt is holding a knife and looking at the camera while standing in a dark room
Lady Macbeth "Come, you spirits"
two people on stage with one person laying down and the other standing in front of him
Shakespeare Dallas: Shakespeare in the Park
Rosé Sister, In Smile, Character Analysis, Human Kindness
Hamlet and Other Tragedies | Kids Discover Online
Supreme Leader Of Iran, John Howard
Strange Shakespeare: Macbeth and the even weirder sisters | Folger Shakespeare Library
the actors are performing on stage in costumes
Macbeth, Shakespeare's Globe, review: Thrilling, riveting, this it the Globe at its best
three people dressed in period costumes are talking to each other while one woman is covering her face
Macbeth at Shakespeare’s Globe | Theatre review