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an anime character in a red dress with white feathers on her arm and the words, direct
ac : vyn.r on Tiktok
Credit: rebirth_hype on Twitter/X #deadplate
Voodoo doll maybe? 🤨
Credit: rebirth_hype on Twitter/X #deadplate
a cartoon character with the caption'vine is demonicly attracted to rody while roby finds it gay to see his boss attractive
Wow rody really is in denial 💀💀
an anime character with his eyes closed and the words i don't understand how people like
i so hate him
gross #vincent #deadplate
an anime character holding a knife and wearing a bow in her hair with the caption's name on it
coquette vincent charbonneau (but with a knife)!!!
an anime character with different facial expressions and hair
⋆Vince/Rody⋆ cr: rabbettsie [twt]
#deadplate #vincent #rody
a person sitting at a desk with a wine glass
an animated image of a man holding a tray with drinks on it and a woman standing next to him
“I wanna see rody shirtless” HERE
not fully shirtless but good enough right?
three different poses of the same person, one with his hand on his shoulder and another with
a boy sitting on a couch with his legs crossed and holding a book in front of him
Just give him the raise Vince 😔
a drawing of a boy with a cowboy hat on and a horse in the background
an image of two people that are in the air with one person falling to the ground
Fan art (not by me, creds to artist)
two people are standing next to each other and one has his arms crossed, the other is
Of Fun , obviously 🤭!
credits: "alwxnico" on Twitter/x! #DeadPlategame
Important question.. Is cereal a soup? 1/2
Credit: leefperson on Twitter/X #deadplate
two people sitting at a table talking on their cell phones
Hey, a win is a win. 👏
two people sitting at a table with writing on it
Love 😻😻 3/3
Credits : Kotyazhuck on Twitter/x #deadplategame
a man holding an umbrella standing next to another man
Vince got that GYATT
#deadplate seriously tho (creds to charlottecake01 on x)
a person sitting at a table with a knife and fork
New Menu: R Ø Đ Y
an anime character surrounded by many faces
Dead Plate
Dead plate Rody and Vincent #deadplate #deadplaterody #deadplatevincent #deadplatefanart
a woman with long hair wearing a black and white polka dot bow tie standing in front of a pink background
Manon is so pretty aaa
#deadplate (creds to MrVanhellis on x)
a black and white drawing of a man in a suit sitting at a computer desk
we're gay with two people standing next to each other
Dead plate Rody and Vincent #deadplate #edit #deadplaterody #deadplatevincent #deadplatefanart
a drawing of a woman holding a knife and wearing gloves with her hands behind her back
Manon // Deadplate
a person holding a cell phone in their hand with a caption that reads, she thinks blocking me is enough but i received her entire personality on character and now we
Bro is obsessed with Manon.
Inspired by a tiktok. Art by me! ( @Jaxoveralls or @Reigensburger1) Don't repost unless credit is given! Characters on art:"Rody"from a game called 'Dead Plate' Made by RachelDrawsThis.You can download on! #Rody #Vincent #DeadPlate #DeadPlateVincent #DeadPlateRody #Manon #DeadPlateManon #memes #DeadPlateMeme #ElevatorHitch #ProtagElevatorhitch #Co-WorkerElevatorHitch
a black and white drawing of a man with his hands on his hips, standing in front of a quote
Please continue pookie
ac : DeadDaiers on Twitter / X
two anime characters one is wearing a white shirt and the other is black with red hair
a man with a knife and fork in his hand
He could put me on his fork any day 🙏 /J- Or not-