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an image of a tree with colorful lights on it's branches and roots in the dark
Dna Tree Life Earth Genetics Biologist Science Gift Wall And Art Print | Brummetmaria
the words'caco bela'are drawn in green ink on white paper
a painting of a woman sitting in a bathtub with paper boats floating on the water
Galleria 5 – dal 2017 al 2018
a painting of a woman with a bucket and ball
Opere Disponibili
Bicycle Art, Bike Art, Fat Women
Exposities in ’t Mosterdzaadje SEPTEMBER 2010
Modern Painters, Bath Wall Art, Arte Popular, Art Contemporary, Rock Crafts
Artwork by Lisandro Rota, graphics on paper
Gymnastik und Fitness Lisandro Rota Land Art, Crazy Friends, Beach Artwork, Fabric Cards, Vintage Pinup
Gymnastik und Fitness Lisandro Rota
a painting of a woman hanging laundry on a clothes line with her feet in the air
Lisandro Rota
a painting of a woman carrying books on her head and holding a book bag over her shoulder
LecturImatges: la lectura en imatges
Abasteciéndose de libros para este fin de semana: viene de la biblioteca (ilustración de Lisandro Rota)
a painting of a person on a ladder reaching up to the moon with a stick
Galleria 4 – dal 2014 al 2016