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a person jumping in the air on top of a stage while people watch and take pictures
Sofian Medjmedj
#sofianmedjmedj #koncert
a woman standing on top of a stage with her arms in the air
#sofianmedjmedj #majales
two people standing on stage with their arms around each other
STEIN27 & Sofian MedjMedj
13.5.2024 (brno majales)
four young men standing in front of a building with their eyes closed and one holding his hand up
a man holding onto a baseball bat while wearing a hat and sunglasses on top of his head
a young man wearing a blue visor and looking at the camera
the collage shows many different people with their hands on their chins, and one person wearing a hoodie
#stein27 #similivinlife #samey #czskrap #spotify #27
pink hearts and bows on a pink background