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a concrete block sitting on top of a red and white tiled floor
Boca de la Mina Promenade in Reus by Batlleiroig
Boca de la Mina Promenade in Reus by Batlleiroig – mooool
a drawing of a door with a handle on it's side and the bottom section missing
STR Series
the floor is being installed with an advertiser's name in front of it
Flooring Harmony: The Flush Floor Vent Advantage!
Step into modern living with our Flush Floor Vent. Its minimalist charm and subfloor installation redefine how vents seamlessly enhance your space. 🚪 #ModernLiving #HomeUpgrade #FloorVent #MinimalistStyle
an air conditioner in the corner of a room next to a wall with text that reads before and after ultra minimal flush - drywall vent, once installed only a rectangular air
From Eyesore to Elegance: Flush Wall Vent Before & After!
The magic of transformation! Swipe left to witness the journey from eyesore grilles to the seamless elegance of our Flush Wall Vent. Elevate your space effortlessly. 🎉✨ #EyesoreToElegance #BeforeAndAfter #FlushVentMagic #ModernHome #Renovation #AccentWall
Marble Systems mosaics
Have you explored @marblesystems’ new mosaic tiles? Pure stone design, simple and classic—discover the latest by clicking the link.
Non-Toxic Real Milk Paint is the Best Choice for Your Next Home Project
an electronic device with two usbs attached to the back of it's cover
CUSTOM PORT COMBINATION DESK PLATE | 269 mm - Meljac North America