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Classic Sunday Pot Roast

40 reviews
3 hours

Classic Sunday Pot Roast is an easy to make comfort food that is hearty, filling, and can easily feed the whole family. This recipe will work for a classic oven braise as well as in a slow cooker or Instant Pot.

Worcestershire Butter Roast Beef - a simple method for perfect juicy roast!

113 reviews
1.5 hours

Worcestershire Butter Roast Beef - a simple method where a roasting butter also acts as a sort of marinade for the beef, keeping it moist and flavourful.

Old English Posh Picnic Raised Chicken and Ham Pie Recipe -

I will not pretend that this pie is easy or quick to make, however, if you want to impress your friends or family with a sensational posh English raised pie then this is the recipe for you! Tender chunks of chicken with pork sausage meat and ham are encased in crisp hot water crust pastry, liberally seasoned with spices and herbs; this pie makes a simply stunning centrepiece for any Glyndebourne style picnic event or for a special celebratory cold buffet, such as weddings, christenings or…

Proper pork pies | Tesco Real Food

41 reviews
100 minutes

Celebrate St. George's Day with a proper British pork pie - this is the perfect recipe for a special picnic or a summer lunch.


Prime Rib Roast

This prime rib roast or standing rib roast is marinated with a dry rub made with coriander, cumin, paprika. Served with a pomegranate glaze


How To Make Scotch Eggs!

Sharing all my tips and the easy, fun to make recipe for How To Make Scotch Eggs! This recipe will quickly become a family favorite!

Three-hour pork belly

Still a relatively cheap cut, pork belly yields beautiful soft flesh and crisp crackling when slow-roasted, from BBC Good Food magazine.

Roast Beef Dinner (Sunday Roast)

43 reviews
1.5 hours

Roast Beef Dinner (Sunday Roast). Perfectly roasted beef served with crispy roast potatoes, carrots and Yorkshire pudding.

Pork & pickled apple bao buns

We've taken a classic British flavour combination and given it a modern twist with these pork and pickled apple bao buns. They're a little effort but well worth it

Pork pie

A traditional pork pie as I was taught to make it. For a more authentic pie, instead of using minced pork, use finely chopped pork chops and a few rashers of finely chopped bacon (use a food processor).

Scottish Deviled Chicken Recipe -

8 reviews
1 hour

Make and share this Scottish Deviled Chicken recipe from

Roast pork belly with apple, sour cherry and fennel chutney

6 reviews
4.5 hours

Step-by-step method for making Roast pork belly with apple, sour cherry and fennel chutney yourself.

Classic English pork roast with apple sauce

You don't need to go to England to eat like the Brits. The classic pairing of roast pork and apple sauce is a sure way to keep the whole family satisfied.

English Chicken Pie | Chicken and Vegetable Pie with Thyme and Nutmeg

This chicken pie is sure to impress everybody because you are making it from scratch and the flavor is second to none. The crisp pastry encases the nice creamy chicken and vegetable filling.