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Pasen '24: Ursula's Yellow Northern Thai Curry
This mouthwatering plant-based potato curry is ready in just 30 minutes! It's packed with flavor and perfect for a quick and satisfying meal. #plantbased #potatocurry #quickrecipe #delicious #potatoes
Navratan Korma is the perfect dish to empty your fridge, freezer, and pantry! It’s a melting pot of ingredients you never thought would fit so well together. But they do! Navratan Korma is delicious all around, one of our favorite curries to date, and excellent for a family dinner and meal prep. Here, we simplify the original Indian recipe for you so you can make it in your kitchen with little effort.


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Yvette van Bovens Broccoli-Amandelcake
Groene Galette

Hartige taarten

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Zuurdesem crackers van zuurdesem overschot, de ideale manier om je discard mee op te maken! Deze crackers zijn onwijs lekker én makkelijk om te maken en ook nog eens anti-verspilling.
Move over sourdough croissants, sourdough cruffins are in town now! Light, flaky, and coated in crunchy sugar, cruffins are so good! A hybrid of a croissant and a muffin, these sourdough cruffins are made with laminated dough and baked in a muffin tray. You can leave them plain or, you can fill them with your favourite fillings!
Sourdough Discard Sandwich Bread Recipe - Home Grown Happiness


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Meta's Hemelse Bananencake (gluten, koemelk- en suikervrij)
Je kent ze vast wel, die heerlijke pecan broodjes met een smeuïge vulling van pecannoten en ahornsiroop. Goed nieuws! Met dit recept kun je zelf eenvoudig pecan broodjes maken! Wist je trouwens dat ahornsiroop wordt gemaakt van het sap van esdoornbomen?   Ga aan de bak met deze heerlijke pecan broodjes. Met mijn recept gaat dat zeker lukken, want ik leg je stap voor stap uit hoe je ze maakt.

Brood zoet

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Stoofvlees met Pompoen


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How to sanitize for cheesemaking


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It’s safe to say that I’m in love with all of the unique details in this Inspired Creations Contest wedding concept from the team of Sara from Sara Gray Photography, Kim and Bonnie from Punch, and Kathy from The Party Place.  The entire concept was inspired by Kim’s love for the book Dandelion Wine by …


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You gotta try this! | You gotta try this!! | By Corey & Alicia | This lady said you can make caramel at a date safe. And then a little bit of coconut milk and some salt. It's look at you like caramel. Wow. You can dip all kinds of stuff in that. It's saving lives with this one. Okay. There's nothing like this. Okay make sure your dates are pitted. Okay? And if they're not pitted pit them. How do you even pit them? I know. Hey. Now you want to let the date sit in hot water for 10 minutes. Yeah. Oh my gosh that's hot. I guess you can say that's a speed date. Oh okay. Oh. Natural healthy caramel. Guilt free. Guilt. I love it. Like OJ Simpson. He was guilt free. Was he though? He was guilty. Now they've been sitting for 10 minutes. Throw them into your blender. Is that not hot for your hands?
Zoute karamel yoghurt met chocoladeschelp | FAGE Netherlands


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Pasen '24: Yvette's Sinaasappel Yoghurt Taart
Pasen '24: Yvette's Glutenvrij Maïs Uienbrood
After experimenting with everything from lemon peels and carrots to raspberries and grape juice, I’ve figured out which ingredients consistently yield beautiful, vibrant colors. Here are the natural egg dye ingredients that work.


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Tomato pesto or Sicilian pesto is a variation of Italian basil pesto made with typical Sicilian ingredients like ricotta, tomatoes, pine nuts or almonds, and fresh basil.  Sicilian pesto is delicious because it uses fresh ricotta, which adds a creamy texture and wonderful flavor.  To make this recipe vegan, substitute our homemade vegan ricotta and vegan parmesan for their non-vegan counterparts.
Fris groene Pasta

Pasta en pizza

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Champignon ragout is een een uitstekende vleesvervanger. Zelfgemaakte ragout is echt niet moeilijk en kan daarom in de categorie snel en lekker koken. Al...

Sauzen en chutneys

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Rineke's Prei Stamppot
Prei Stampotje met Oude Kaas en Winterpostelein
Rineke's Zoete Zuurkool Stamppot


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Smooth, creamy and bursting with citrus goodness, this homemade lemon curd recipe is perfect for adding a refreshing twist to cakes, cookies, and more. Makes approximately 3/4 cup.

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Tips for Busy Mums & Dads on Instagram: "Posted @withregram • @waytohealthkitchen ✨ 2- INGREDIENT CHOCOLATE CAKE 😍 without gluten, dairy or sugar 😍 |Follow @waytohealthkitchen for more delicious recipes and healing tips ❤️🙏🏻  This cake is a dream come true, requires about 5 minutes of your work and is absolutely delicious and nutritious 💪🏻  ✨ INGREDIENTS ✨  🌱 4 small apples (the sweeter the better) 🌱 250g favorite clean chocolate (2.5x bars)  ✨ INSTRUCTIONS✨  🌱 Peel, cut and boil apples for 15 minutes or until soft. Drain. You can also bake whole apples at 350F for 30 min or so and then mash them for an even sweeter taste. Melt your chocolate, combine the two in a blender or food processor and blend. Pour into a 6” cake mold and set in the fridge overnight (or freezer if your frid

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canning pepper jam


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Rose Reisman on Instagram: "Follow @rosereisman for more hacks!  🥗 storage hack! I’ve tried this and it really works.   Do you have any tips for saving leftover salad? I’d love to hear them in the comments, especially if they are eco friendly!  . . . #rosereisman #rosetip #cookbookauthor #chefathome #nutritionist #salad #foodstorage #foodwaste #leftovers"
Rose Reisman on Instagram: "Follow @rosereisman for more grocery hacks!   Tired of having your citrus go to waste? You’ve got to give this hack a try! Definitely one of my favourite tips of 2023. (Works with any citrus!) 🍋🍊 . . . #rosereisman #rosetip #cookbookauthor #chefathome #nutritionist #freezertips #freezerstash #freezerhack #citrus #foodstorage #foodwaste"

Inmaken, vriezen, bewaren

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176K views · 15K likes | Joedy Tran on Instagram: "How to cut a cucumber 🥒 heart 💚………#heffaaclub #nuocmamafoods #cucumber #cucumber🥒 #cucumbers #heart #cutting #shape #heartshaped #art"

Salades en dressings

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Discover delicious and nutritious high-protein food recipe ideas to fuel your fitness journey. From mouthwatering chicken dishes to plant-based protein-packed options, our recipes are designed to keep you satisfied and energized. Start cooking today and enjoy the benefits of a high-protein diet.


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Alicia Aucoin on Instagram: "I’ll be eating this all summer 🍉  cc: @linder_surprise"

Beleg/gevulde broodjes/lunch

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spicy kikkererwten en edamame


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This easy focaccia recipe will yield a perfectly baked bread with a golden crisp crust and a soft, airy crumb.You can make it on the day, in about three hours. Or, for best results, use the cold refrigerator dough method, letting it mature overnight in the fridge.

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