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colorful macaroons are arranged in a box
a bouquet of flowers sitting on top of a table
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Sympathy Quotes For Loss, Sending Prayers
some pink flowers with the words may you find peace in the memories you cher
a poem written in the shape of a heart on a lake with mountains behind it
Supportive, Tough, Life, Cope
a poem written in white on a blue background with green grass
Art, Sympathy Wishes
a pink rose with the words difficult times, like this, can be very painful but i pray to so give you strength, and power to overcome this sorry
Loss Quotes, Father, Sister Birthday Quotes, Let It Be
a sympathy card with a white rose on it
footprints in the sand with a poem written on it that says, may memories of the fun you shared bring
a white flower with the words in memory
Missing Loved Ones, Loss Of Loved One
a white flower with the words, with heartth condoness on it's side
a colorful cross with flowers on it and a message about sympathy to the person who has passed his life
a poem written in black ink on white paper with the words though our words can do little, we hope our thoughts and prayer will support you at this time
a wedding card with flowers on it and the words will deepest sympathy written in english
a greeting card with blue and purple flowers in the foreground, butterflies flying above
a white flower with paw prints on it next to a quote about losing a friend is never easy
the quote may beauty live on in your memories and bring you peace with an ocean background
a wall decal that says, when someone you love becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure
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so true... - support for those who need it following the loss of a baby