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an art card with watercolors on it next to some seashells and paintbrushes
Have a great week!❤️#mixedmediaart #loosewatercolor #artjournal #artpractice #handdrawn #watercolorandink #mixedmediaartist #markmaking… | Instagram
a book with drawings on it and the title draw yourself calm
Simple Drawing Techniques for Anxiety
the quote art is not always about pretty things, it's about who we are
Notable Quotable: SAAM Director Elizabeth Broun on what art is
a group of fish swimming in the ocean on a blue and purple background with bubbles
Easy Crafts for Kids - Project 4 - Making Shiny Fish
diy ~ how to make shiny fish out of tin foil, salt, paint, felt tip pens and a net vegetable bag ~ photo tutorial ~ easy craft for kids