Narwhal BBQ Skewers

Artist Melissa Dowell has created a set of adorable stainless steel narwhal barbecue skewers, and is currently seeking funding to manufacture the whimsical utensils on Kickstarter.

cutlery to tongs by Konstantin Slawinski

Link and it& from Konstantin Slawinski of Studio Dreimann. The little piece of silicone has two X-shaped cutouts into which you can insert a spoon and fork (for salad tongs), two knives or two forks (for barbecue tongs)

Fruit Wares_Orange Jar

Mathery ( ITALIA) - Fruit Ninja Homewares - Fruit Ninja is a homewares collection designed by Mathery and handmade in Melbourne. The collection transforms the fruit peel's short term function as a natural container into a long-life one.


Designed by Israel-based designer Bat Chen Grayvesky, 'Chewp' is a series of cutely designed kid-friendly kitchen tools that can be used.