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15 Minutes Full Body Circuit 2023
Full body workout for women over 40
Train the Trouble Spots!
Effective Swiss Ball Abs!
Dust off your swiss ball and let's try this workout! Repeat each for 30 seconds, rest 15 secondsin between. Hit for 3 rounds.
5 Exercises You Need To Be Doing For Abs/Core!
Sculpting Inner Thighs
Let’s target inner thighs with this workout today! Now, I have given a variety of exercises here, but always remember to work within your own fitness level! Not every exercise is going to be compatible with your body so pick and choose what works for you. I’ve given a lot of variations of that inner thigh leg lift so pick your favorite! I would do all of these exercises in one workout
The Ultimate Compound Workout
Target the back of your arms!
Chest and Leg Workout for Women
Arm Workout 💪
the instructions for how to do an arm press up