Lubos Korcok

Lubos Korcok

citát: Chudobny chlapec z konca dediny bez penazi bez lasky :-)
Lubos Korcok
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Makers Light, Shelf & Power Box

Construct a work bench "Light, Shelf and Power Box" in one which is great for a Makers workshop.Ive found it invaluable for close up work on projects as it shields your eyes from direct glare and reflects light off a back wall providing you a bright area

Wall table

HD Unique Folding Garage Workbench Fold Flat Workbench Plans home decorating tips from our interior expert, Jacqueline Bell with 36 kB and 360 x 360

interior door latch, industrial steel bearing, sliding door, industrial design, recycled shipping container, mountain home, green home. PHOTO by Branden Gunem MORE INFO at’-hard-place

Barn doors today are becoming part of interior decoration in many houses because they are stylish. When building a barn door on your own, barn door hardware kit

White Wash Oak Table - by union wood supply company in vancouver.

Union Wood Co has established a name making high-quality wood furniture and honest goods that blend an industrial past with a modern aesthetic.