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Used to show a visual and to talk about an area of the earth which brings in history.

Path of an Earthquake Alaska . U know what I get from this picture ? Even though part of it is broken , as a complete, whole picture , it's still very beautiful ♡

I watched her walk away. I lay there I couldn't move, couldn't scream. I was going to die here, alone and that thought terrified me

(Open RP) She sighed and twirled the kitchen knife that she stabbed me with. "That was pathetically easy." She walked to the end of the ally to make sure no one was around, then she came back and chafed my hand. "Then again," she mused.

Vampires, Cry, Stupid, Horror, Rocky Horror, Vampire Bat, The Vamps

Astronaut Illustration, Astronauts, Wallpapers, Astronaut