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Walk into the Land of Lanthir Lamath ruled by wicked skeletons and fight for your life in a thrilling adventure. It's a book. It's a game. It's a gamebook. Interactive fun for almost an hour. Simple rules and gameplay. You are only running from room to room, up, down, left, right, anywhere. Sometimes you can find item or weapon. You will fight the skeletons and other monsters. You will experience some magic. And get a lot of fun. Game web:
RPG Maker Tile - Furniture by on @deviantART

I finally finished my collection Tileset, where have some exclusively arts and others largely found on the RPG Maker Communities. This is a free Tileset, is not authorized in Commercial Games, feel.

FrVvJmB.jpgkinda looks too "2-dimensional"

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Macbeth parallax mapping showcase Topic ::

Macbeth parallax mapping showcase Topic ::