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two people walking down a snow covered path in the woods next to a tall building
Nitra, Zobor, Slovakia
the city is surrounded by many trees and buildings, with a blue sky in the background
View of the City of Nitra, Slovakia Stock Image - Image of downtown, house: 44081863
a castle on top of a hill surrounded by trees
15 Best Things to Do in Nitra (Slovakia) - The Crazy Tourist
15 Best Things to Do in Nitra (Slovakia) - The Crazy Tourist
a clock tower on top of a building next to a cobblestone walkway and trees
nitra, castle, slovakia, travel
an arch decorated with christmas lights in front of a building and clock tower at night
#lights #christmas #nitra #slovakia
the sun is setting over a hill with a radio tower on it's top
Visit Zobor, Nitra
Zobor, Nitra
the entrance to an old building with statues on it's sides and a clock tower in the background
a large boat floating on top of a river at night
Milan Fedurco on Instagram: “Danube 🕸🌍🚢🛥💦🦋💕 . . #bratislava #slovakia #slovensko #dnesnosim #kosice #slovakgirl #nitra #zilina #trnava #praha #presov #banskabystrica…”
three crosses on top of each other with a city in the background
Nitra Kalvária
a large white building lit up at night
Church of St. Ladislaus in Nitra Kostol sv. Ladislava v Nitre
the sun is setting in front of a white building with two people sitting on it
Nitra slovakia
an old church sitting on top of a hill with the sun setting in the background
15 Best Things to Do in Nitra (Slovakia) - The Crazy Tourist
Dražovce Church
a building with a steeple lit up in the night sky behind it is a fence and trees
Nitriansky hrad
#nitra #hrad
a bridge that is over some water at night