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I just wanted to say that this Learning board is not just for school learning, my Mind board is. This board has mind things and tutorials. Thanks if you took the time to read this and if you did, comment Learning is good to the mind.

Photorealism Tutorial - How to Draw an Eye by ~markcrilley on deviantART. Mark is an amazing illustrator and his tutorials are great. This is the correct link to his original posting.

Hair Bun

Looking for the perfect Hair Bun Drawing. When you think of your hair, you probably think of the hair on your head. But there's hair on almost every part of

girl with red lips

this picture shows emphasis because the red on her lips stands out so much. when i look at this picture i see the red first then look at other things. the red is the dominant element

Awesome hand turtorial

Simple sketching tips. Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial by `Hellobaby on deviantART I was just struggling to draw hand palm side out the other day. THis will be so helpful in the future.