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Knot of Four Hearts-Celtic Wood Carving-Family Love Knot MEANING: Here are 4 hearts, facing four directions, formed from one continuous line. Can you find all four? To the Celts, a knot formed from one continuous line evoked eternity. Hearts symbolize Love and Relationships. $78.00

The eternal love of mother and child Celtic knot slightly altered for a little more extra knot added to account for 2 kids, so happy with the result- Vic Market Tattoo Melbourne Australia

"If not now, then when?" I am NOT a tattoo person, but this is awesome... #rethinkingTHEink

white & grey bedroom with a slanted ceiling. GORGEOUS. love the bed right on the floor. comfy.

White and Grey Bedroom Ideas – Transforming Your Boring Room into Something Special | Decozilla

Grey bedroom with black furniture and silver

Wall colour all round, shelf with gold, white and silver frames, white and grey bedding - one of Unmatched interior design blogs, perfect for a teen bedroom. soft and sophisticated

ChicDecó | Soft and feminine bedroom in white, grey and pink. Pink crochet round rug. Dust pink pillows. Kim Timmerman

Lovely desk areas that are basically desk porn: