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ahahahhahahahaha.............this is by far my favorite pin.

this is by far my favorite pin.

The time they figured out the greatest marketing campaign of all time. | 32 Times Tumblr Was Too Clever For Its Own Good

At first I thought it said "you are acute coffee pie" but that didn't make sense so then I thought of "you are acute-tea pie" and I just smiled

Math fucks everyone ...

suave,was anyone else at the 1994 winter olympics? thestewart: i have the sex appeal of a math book idk man, We never met anyone that opened a math book math book please fuck me hard over the table

Mind.... blown....

It would be completely black. Because there would be no light source. If you did put a light source in the room, then the light would be reflected back over and over again and you wpuldnt be able to see anything