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This fun game can be used to help children revise mental math facts, times tables and simple mathematical equations.

Number Facts Games: Uno Flip for Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication

This simple math game with Uno cards can be used to help children revise number facts and times tables, and to practise writing mathematical equations.

End of the Year Dice Gift with lots of math game instructions included = LOVE this!

End of the Year Gifts

Hi all! Here's a quick little post on my end of the year gifts. I did a gift for my Kiwanis reading volunteers (I adore them!). I had al...

Math night - or even for a classroom math all-day party. Math questions hidden in the balloons? Large dice so the whole class can read the numbers and respond?

{real parties} a dicey family game night - Piggy Bank Parties

Yesterday we spent the afternoon blowing up balloons and decorating for our church’s Family Game Night. It was a HUGE…

Setting Up Guided Math- FREEBIE

Setting Up Guided Math- FREEBIE

I love guided math. Ironically, I hated math as a child. As a teacher? Love it!

Creative Math Games- maybe have my class put on a "math fair" for a younger grade, or for a family night?

Math Methods Class

MTSU's math methods class came and shared some super creative math games with our kiddos. Here are some pics:

De olympische ringen: afdrukken van handen in verf....

De olympische ringen: afdrukken van handen in verf....

Catholic Schools Week Olympics Via the blog Tippytoe Crafts: Class Olympic Torch...#olympics #crafts

Class Olympic Torch

This is just a quick post to show you our Olympic Torch. All week the kids will be "competing" in different events and on Friday everyone will receive a gold medal! By competing, I just mean they will all participate in events and have fun while I take a bunch of pictures. Then I will pick one child to spotlight for each event. I will display the pictures, along with the gold medalists, for all to see. And I wanted a big torch to go with the display. So I used the same idea as our campfires…

Straws and Pipe Cleaners at School Family Math Night

Play Power

Although I know it already, it never ceases to surprise me just how true it is. Learners of all ages need the opportunity to experiment with a new medium before putting it to its more formal or expected use. Often this kind of activity is called 'playing around' which I often perceive as a derogatory term in relation to learning. But, in my experience, if you observe children at play long enough and really pay attention you will be astounded by the myriad of ways they are representing their…

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics via @pristinaorg é a tentativa de Felipe Tofani de se manter atualizado sobre design, web, publicidade e tudo mais que interessa a ele. #behance #branding #olimpia

Fun Math Games: Toilet Paper Knock Down - We all have toilet paper. Now you can use it to help kids learn math and other concepts. From #math #kids #gross-motor

Fun Math Games: Toilet Paper Knock Down

If you belong to a warehouse club then chances are you've purchased an enormous package of toilet paper. We recently bought one that contained 30 rolls and when I looked at them, I started thinking of some Fun Math Games my kids could play with them. As we got to exploring, I realized that my kids were learning a lot more than counting. They were using their gross motor skills, learning principles of balance and even practicing cooperation. And you thought toilet paper was only good for…

100th day night!!! love this !!! AMAZING Family Math Night ideas! Season

Do You Need an Idea for Family Math Night?

As promised, here are a few snapshots of our Family Math Event/100th Day of School Celebration! Students built number bonds with Legos, and got to take a few Legos home! Students built 10 groups …

Math Night: Math Hopscotch and Beach Ball Math

Get movin' with MATH!

Last night my school had a community math night. My 1st grade team had to come up with 2 activities to do for the "numbers and operations" standard in math that could be differentiated for ALL elementary grade levels and abilities. We incorporated math with movement! We did math hopscotch and beach ball math. Math Hopscotch Supplies: Masking tape Paper numbers (or you can use tape) 2 markers (we used puff balls) According to grade level or ability, the student can add the 2 numbers…

Family Math Night Raffle Table:  Here is the basket of prizes we had at our last Family Math Night event.

Family Math Night Raffle Table

Offers parents and educators the tools and resources needed to help teach kids about math and money.