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a stuffed animal with white clothing and black eyes
Poetic scary world with Paul Toupet –
a close up of a doll with pink hair and green eyes wearing a polka dot dress
Pink Clown :o) *For Diane - UK *
a wooden table topped with a figurine sitting on top of a person's legs
Meet Lila! A monster high OOAK based in a faun. Both the bends in her legs are articulated!
five different colored dolls are lined up in a row on a white surface, with one doll's head tilted to the side
Devil Dolls
a doll with blonde hair in a box
a doll with green hair sitting on a chair next to a piano and lamp in a room
a doll sitting on top of a bed wearing black and white striped stockings with long legs
a little doll sitting on top of a bed next to a pink wall and floor
two dolls are standing next to each other
a hand holding a small doll in front of a white curtain