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a table topped with pillows and a vase filled with flowers next to an orange wall
a yellow bookcase with many books and pictures on the wall in front of it
Color Kaleidoscope Living
a room with a desk, chair and wallpapered walls in the background is a small child's bedroom
new digs
a living room with two couches and a chair next to each other in front of a window
50 Colorful Living Room Ideas
The Colorful Living Rooms of Your Dreams - Decoholic
a bedroom with a flowered bed and colorful drapes on the window sill
getting kitschy with it. - sfgirlbybay
a bed room with a neatly made bed next to a window
DREAM | www.1000gutegruende.de
FEEL GOOD! #feelgood #1000gutegruende #1000gutegruendefuerblumen #blumenliebe #jungleliebe #jungle floralinterior #staycation #staycationindoor
there are vases and flowers on the mantle in this living room with pink walls
27 Colorful Home Design & Decorating Ideas | Extra Space Storage
a room filled with lots of framed pictures on the wall and a dresser in front of it
Frame your artwork on a budget — Coastal Ink Studios
there are many plants and books on the shelves in this room, along with a mirror that says slow
A “Sentimental Maximalist” Australian Home Has Disco Balls in the Bathroom
(Image credit: <a href="/authors/nataliej">Natalie Jeffcott</a>)
the bathroom is decorated in pink and purple with gold accents on the walls, along with an ornate mirror above the sink
It's the Little Things - Quintessence
a bathroom with orange and white wallpaper has a mirror, sink, and toilet
This Doula’s Brooklyn Townhouse Is a Joyful Departure From Her Museum-Like Childhood Home