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an art work hangs on the wall next to a sink in a public restroom with tiled walls
Giant Rainbow Magazine Collage · Art Projects for Kids
Do in panels for color study.
a multicolored abstract painting with squares and lines on it's sides, all in different colors
colors, collage, looks like each block was created from colored squares of magazines. Stand alone or group together.
an art work with many different letters on it
le petit Yaka moderne
I love this 'I Love You' collage. I can see this done with other words or phrases....hmmmm ideas
an image of many different colored eyes with long lashes and eyelashes on the bottom half
Eyes collage - Carefully selected by GORGONIA
many different types of mouth shapes and colors
The New York Times > Magazine > Image >
A great collage idea, just mouths. Great to do with old magazines, Students could use as background for a favorite quote or compose one of their own.
a white frame with colorful letters and numbers in the shape of squares on top of each other
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First / Last Name Letter Collage
a painting made out of many different types of buttons on a wooden board with wood trim around the edges
Magazine art. No tutorial but it can't be that hard. Something to do with all of those old magazines.