pocket watch

10th Doctor Dr Who David Tennant The Masters Pocket Watch


Steampunk by DreamSteam: Neo-Victorian VW Beetle . and Other Wrought Iron Vehicles SteamPUNK ☮k☮


Gear Ring by Kinekt Design. "The patented Gear Ring is made from high quality matte stainless steel. It features micro-precision gears that turn in unison when the outer rims are spun.

Steampunk Wedding Gown

"Steampunk inspired wedding/ prom dress/ gown by LyndseyBoutique" I'm pretty sure I see some Walmart bags shoved into that skirt-thing. Things like this are why I strongly dislike steampunk.


Steampunk Necklace Silver Plated Nautical Crab Jewelry Vintage Watch Movement Gothic Victorian Steam Punk Antiqued Rustic Primitive Finish OMG I NEED IT

Steampunk hat.

Hats are a status symbol. The more elaborate and detailed your hat, the higher-up you are.


Steampunk its more than an aesthetic tendency, it's the longing for the past that never was. In Steampunk Girls we display pictures, and illustrations of Steampunk, Dieselpunk and other anachronistic 'punks, some cosplay too!


Ball gown: Maria Luisa (dite Coré) Black silk taffeta with self-fabric ruched ribbon appliqué. French, spring/summer Christian Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano The Metropolitan Museum. (My inner goth princess is still in love with this gown)