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TAEHYUNG | JUNGKOOK | #domesticshit

Jungkook's smiling cause he's with bae agree except for the hashtag. We are ARMY, we are a family, no one criticizes any ship. Personally, jikook is my notp but that doesn'f give me a reason to hate the ship.

#wattpad #de-todo Posts de tumblr, twitts, videos y otras cosas sobre Yoonmin. Espero que les guste y se diviertan  (◕‿◕) Yoonmin is love  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yoonmin Is Real: a masterpost (Jimin ver.) Not a yoonmin shipper? That’s about to change during this masterpost of all the moments in which Park Jimin was just painfully obvious that he is in love.