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Greetings friends! I created this 5 Star Writing page for my students as a self accountability piece. Each morning after completing our morning work, my students write a story on the back of their paper. We usually take one minute to vote on the topic (camping, fishing, storms, etc. ) and I write six vocabulary words on the board to help them with spelling.

Kindergarten Goals Insert (Kindergarten Common Core Overview)

This kindergarten skill goal sheet that is a fun and very visual way for the kids to see what skills they have mastered. When a skill has been mastered, the child can put a sticker in the box. Excellent motivation to meet kindergarten goals

40 Stylish Laundry Room Ideas

Real life laundry space..

Laundry Closet Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 20

Interview tips

Interview tips



A vision board from

Vision Boards And Affirmations | Vision Board / Hi everyone! Here is a "Morning Affirmations" poster I ...

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