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four different types of fishing hooks are shown in this screenshot from an instagramtion
The Grinner Fishing Knot Tutorial for Jewelry Clasp Ends
a cross - stitch pattern with pink flowers is on a round wooden frame hanging on the wall
So, this is an interesting pin I just found...I'm guessing that's some sort of mesh the flower is stitched on. Very pretty
twelve different tree ornaments are shown in various colors
Tree of Life Pendant Collage 2 by Pinkfirefly135 on DeviantArt
Tree of Life Pendant Collage 2 by Pinkfirefly135
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a rock next to some metal spirals
Ra ocelov Rose charm
a silver necklace with two charms hanging from it's sides on an orange background
Celtic Handfasting Hobbit wedding elven tiara circlet pagan Swarovski LOTR. £25.99, via Etsy.
Moonlight Torc Necklace Sterling Celtic Magic Fairy Elven Renaissance Medieval Wedding Bridal. $199.99, via Etsy. by 1SexayBootay
a dragonfly is hanging on the side of a metal wall decoration with glass beads
Dragonfly Gemstone Suncatcher by Cathy Heery from Intrinsic Designs
a circular sculpture with trees in the middle and branches on it's sides, against a black background
Image result for wire wall art diy
a small tree with white candles in it
动手的时侯到了(900图停更) - 堆糖,美图壁纸兴趣社区
a person holding a brooch with a tree on it
Медный Лес - авторские украшения - Wire wrap #WireWrapJewelry