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Красивые математические GIF-анимации / Geektimes

psychetronictonic: “ Digital artist and physics PhD student Dave Whyte is dazzling our computer screens with his mesmerizing GIFs that are the perfect marriage of mathematics and art.

Snad nejobsáhlejší fotoherbář rostlin v ČR. Skvělý.

Snad nejobsáhlejší fotoherbář rostlin v ČR.

ESP32 WiFi Hits 10km with a Little Help #wirelesshacks #antenna #decibels #ESP32 #friisequation

[Jeija] was playing with some and in true hacker fashion, he wondered how far he could pull them apart and still get data flowing. His video answer to that question covers the Friis equation…

Shailene Woodley Updates (@PlanetShailene) | Twitter

Shailene Woodley Updates (@PlanetShailene) | Twitter