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Ľubomír Pastorek

Ľubomír Pastorek
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tumblr n2qg9xMw6Y1rqeb09o1 1280 620x413 70 Inspirational Workspaces & Offices | Part 21

Sexy workspace submission by Stefan! “ I just wall mounted my iMac. I thought you might like it!) Description: I am located in Amsterdam and currently doing my Masters (almost finished). I don’t do anything computer intense but I love having a.

This Is One of Those Things That You Didn't Know You Wanted Until You Saw It

The TAPI by Dreamfarm turns any faucet into drinking fountain! Just attach the rubber nipple to any faucet, squeeze and voila! You have a very colorful inexpensive water fountain. Would be good for kids bathroom.

Curiosities: Rare Star Trek: The Next Generation Pictures

Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart, and Bryan Singer (seated) on the set of Star Trek: Nemesis

60 Awesome Office Workspaces | Part 19

In this series we showcase inspirational office workspaces to help you design your own office. This series is meant to help you enhance your own workspace by