Hello.. I am an ordinary girl.. I´m not pretty, I don´t have big boobs or nice butt, I don´t have nice eyes or beautiful figure, but still it´s me.. :)
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owl from a coke bottle and other cool upcycle projects!! (Blog has translate button)

recycling plastic bottles: creative and clever with plastic bottles - crafts ideas - crafts for kids. There are some great ideas here

easy hipster drawings people - Google Search

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black and white sketch drawing of a girl with long wavy hair

Drawing hair is my forte. This black and white sketch drawing of a girl with long wavy hair is one of my popular hair drawings. If you are (Curly Hair Drawing)

Dubai v دبي

We specializes in Web designing services. As one of Dubai's leading web design companies, Our company has executed various large projects in recent times.

New York City v New York

What I love about New York City is it's ability to transform itself into anything you want. I love the heart beat of the city and with all the new changes it's just the best city in the world.