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polymer clay earrings & clay cutters
It's wreath season! For this launch I decided to go for wreaths! In total I made 5 variations of wreath earrings! It's hard to decide what to share first or when to share it. This morning I woke up feeling like this one was the one. They will be available this Thursday, Nov 2nd 8pm EDT. XX Anna #earrings #earringsofinstagram #jewelry #jewellery #jewelrydesigner #jewellerydesigner #polymerclay
a hand holding a necklace with white and blue flowers on it, surrounded by other fake flowers
the earrings are designed to look like animals in geometric shapes, with leaves on them
a pair of blue and white earrings sitting on top of a table next to a box
two pink roses are sitting next to each other
Bijoux fleuris, bijoux mariage, Myosotis d'Alena, France,
a close up of an ornament on top of a table with beads and other items
Шикарная подборка восхительных изделий из полимерной глины. Есть на что полюбоваться
a person holding up a card with four small flower studs on it's side
there are many different pictures of flowers being used to make earring studdings
Learn to make 8 different types of polymer clay flowers and plants
step by step instructions on how to make an origami flower with green beads
How to Make Autumn Theme Polymer Clay Succulent Earrings