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four pencils are lined up in a row on top of a notepad,
Lápiz personalizados
three pencils in plastic bags with stickers and tags attached to the top of them
Non Candy Halloween Treats with Printable
a blue vase filled with lots of balloons and confetti on top of a table
Fifth Grade Frenzy
Birthday Balloons! Never forget a birthday present and a super cute decoration for the classroom
a painting of a woman holding a heart in front of a tree with green leaves
a hand holding a keychain that says, thank you for popping into machinery
Popping in
several name tags are attached to lanyards with colorful beads and charms on them
this is an image of someone making a card with the words friends pin on it
Friendship Pin Backpack Charm Card
a tote bag sitting on top of a wooden table next to an apple and pencil
Chaos Coordinator Teacher Tote Bag
Chaos Coordinator Teacher Tote Bag with FREE Cricut Cut File!
six pencils with words written on them
several yellow pencils with writing on them are lined up next to eachother
Write motivational messages to students on pencils! I did mine before our state writing assessment.