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Electrolytes and EKG *Keep Calm* .Nurse On.... and know how hypocalcaemia presents on an EKG!

EKG changes with electrolyte abnormalities.

Chinchilla Cage Set-up By Candice #chinchillacage                      Ins: @IMCANDICE.D

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Horse Anatomy Pictures-Think Like a Horse-Rick Gore Horsemanship ®

Balancing the Normal Foot: Hoof Preparation, Shoe Fit and Shoe Modification in the Performance Horse Horse Education and Anatomy. Horses Learn about www.

Not necessarily inspiration, but certainly educational for horse owners

Info graph of common hoof problems, and what they look like on the inside.

Anatomy every horse owner should know! The Equine Lower Front Leg.

Horse leg anatomy Horse Education and Anatomy. Horses Learn about .

Anatomy of the equine foot.

This is the inside of a horses hoof, obviously. If you have a horse, want a horse, or want to become a Vet you should know everything about these big glorious animals.

Another good guide! Horse Side Vet Guide - Quick Reference - Equine Eye Anatomy

The Equine Eye Anatomy

Equine Vital Signs

Equine Vital Signs, print and laminate and hang in the barn for reference …